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/// NEW /// Tommy Hilfiger and Thiago Alcántara
For us it’s not only an absolute pleasure to see Thiago play but also to meet and work with him! We are super pleased and honored to be part of new world wide Tommy Hilfiger Watches winter campaign with Thiago Alcántara shot in Barcelona this summer. It was a great pleasure to be working with him and his team! 
Enjoy! Photo: Marco Fischer DoP: Christina Kapl Production: Thomas Thiele Hair+Make up: Stefanie Stuermer
/// Coming Soon! /// Jan Ullrich Mont Ventoux
Great honor and very, very pleased to announce a shooting project with my all time hero Jan Ullrich. We spent 5 days in row with Jan and his team down in the Provence, France to take some absolutely remarkable pictures. Coming soon!
/// Coming Jan2023 /// Glatz Design-Relaunch Campaign
Very pleased to announce new client Glatz, Switzerland. Several upcoming projects will have their time in the sun! Coming soon!
/// Coming Soon! /// Blackroll® Johannes Rydzek
Blackroll Portrait of two times olympic champion Johannes Rydzek. Launching November 2022!
/// nouveau /// La beauté de la Bretagne
The coast of Brittany. Probably one of the most beautiful places on this planet. 
Enjoy this private project? La côte de la Bretagne. Probablement l'un des plus beaux endroits de cette planète. 
Profitez de ce projet privé. Direction/DoP/Cut: Thomas Thiele
/// NEW /// DFB Kids-Football Campaign 22/23
Very pleased to be part of the new Deutscher Fußball Bund Campaign for kids football play reinvention with new pitch sizes, new match forms and fair play rules just for kids. Producing this campaign with all the kids on the pitches was a pure pleasure and it was a joy to see that the kids loved the new forms of play and had a wonderful time. The goal of the campaign is to present the new rules and forms of play and to show parents and children how football can now be experienced and learned in a completely new way with a lot of fun and fair play. Agency: BrinkertLück Creatives Photo: Marco Fischer DoP: Alexander Michel, Julius Dürrfeld Direction/Production: Thomas Thiele
Steffi Marth 'Shut up and ride' Multi brand Production
DYNAFIT®, EVOC®, Polar®, J-Athletics Eyewear®, TUNAP Sports® – what a sports brand lineup for one production! We are very pleased and honored to have all the brands join us for this combined film and photo production on la Palma with unstoppable pro Mountainbike rider Steffi Marth. Thanks to a very good conception, preparation and coordination everything worked seamlessly. And the most important indicator after all was – all brands were very impressed by the outcome and very happy with the ordered content. This is just a small insight of the produced content in this case with headliner and major client DYNAFIT® with 10 campaign reels for the new personal DYNAFIT® „Shut up and ride" drop collection of Steffi Marth. Shooting brand new Polar® Grit X Pro watches shot for the first time for product launch and so much more… Enjoy! Photography: Marco Fischer DoP & Cut: Philipp Hertfort Direction and Art Direction: Thomas Thiele
Adidas Champions League Campaign 21/22
We are very pleased to announce being part of the new adidas Champions League campaign 21/22. For this campaign the Champions League plinth with the new official match ball was taken back to the urban areas where football lives and more specifically where the players started their grassroots journey. This campaign is about young talents who aim for the stars and don't let their surroundings be a limitation. Enjoy! All shots taken by Marco Fischer.
Blackroll® Portrait Yasmin Giger
Anyone who has the chance to accompany Yasmin Giger and her team on a training day quickly gets an impression of how much commitment it takes to make it to the top of world athletics as a young runner. Because nothing less than that is the goal of the highly talented and super likeable young Swiss hopeful who, despite all the concentration and intensity, never forgets how important it is to have fun and enjoy her sport and to stay relaxed. New BLACKROLL® Portrait with Yasmin Giger. Enjoy!
Fatum Surf Project – The commitment
Supreme devotion, a clear mindset and still staying super relaxed! This project was a hell of a ride but it was even so much more! It was an absolute pleasure and a great experience to work with António Duarte and the Fatum crew making this Film and the whole story come true. What a ride! The Story of Young Gun Fatum Surfboards Rider António Duarte focussing on his dream of becoming a pro surfer. Check out an outstanding digital story. Enjoy!
Champions league Final Broadcaster Billboards Berlin
Creation and concept for ZDF Champions League Final billboards in Berlin
BLACKROLL® Portrait Red Bull X-Alps Paul Guschlbauer
They say Red Bull X-Alps is the world’s toughest adventure race taking athletes to the limit and even beyond! Very pleased to announce the launch BLACKROLL® Portrait Story with Paul Guschlbauer. Learn more about the Red Bull X-Alps, whats drives Paul and Blackrolls role in terms of recovery for the athletes. This is the first film in a new series of BLACKROLL® Portrait Stories. Good luck for X-Alps 2021 Paul!
HÖWEDES OUT – a world champion retires
For an international football star there are several options to announce his own retirement. Some trust in publishing an uninspired press release or doing an interview – others believe in giving inglorious and tearful press conferences. We believe that this moment offers the chance to leave the stage in style and with a strong statement! Benedikt Höwedes followed our idea and decided to leave the stage in style! Very pleased and honored to announce the launch of „Höwedes out“. A new production together with Benedikt Höwedes announcing his retirement.
FIFA Football World cup Trailer – The art of football
Creation and concept for FIFA World Cup Trailer "The art of Football" Awards: New York Festivals Award, PromaxBDA Europe, Eyes&Ears Europe Production: Erste Liebe Film Director: Cadmo Quintero Copywriter: Steffen Steffens Agency: KNSK
BLACKROLL® worldwide launch campaign
Very pleased to announce the launch of the new worldwide launch campaign for the all new BLACKROLL® Recovery Blanket Ultralite! Concepting and executing this project for this cool product was a joy. Thank you BLACKROLL®! 
FATUM Surfboards LOGO retouch
Giving striking Fatum Stencil-Logo a gently retouch and get it fresh for the next decade.
colour explosion – ARTS, Sports and BMW
Like an explosion of colour - You better be prepared for anything to happen when international artist Marc Jung gets challenged to design the BMW bobsleigh helmet of Olympic gold medallist Mariama Jamanka. Art project of the Free State of Thuringia, BMW Helmets and BMW Motorbikes produced with KNSK GROUP. Enjoy!
BLACKROLL® PORTRAIT Mountainbike Pro Steffi Marth
She says of herself that she sometimes likes to overdo it a bit. After this production we think she is right. Very pleased to announce the launch of the BLACKROLL® Portrait Story with Steffi Marth. Enjoy!
ZDF Content Image Trailer Series
Concept and art direction for stunning ZDF image trailer series, presenting the full content range of the ZDF program. Production: ZDF inhouse Text: Ulrike Wegert
Cannes Lions Winner: WMF Sharp Knives
Idea, concept and art direction for classic WMF Sharp Knives international campaign. This campaign was pleased to win almost every relevant creative award worldwide including: CANNES SILVER LION Winner CLIO AWARD Winner ADC NEW YORK Winner Photo: Markus Heumann
Cannes Lions Winner: Dolormin Pain Killers
Idea, concept and art direction for international Dolormin Pain Killers Campaign „Fast pain relief.“ CANNES BRONZE LION WINNER ADC WINNER Photo: Christopher Koch
champions league campaign – Mad about football
Concept and creation for bold international ZDF Kick-Off Champions League Campaign "Mad about football." Direction: Thomas Thiele Photo and Film: Sven Sindt
Redesigning a TV Station – "The circle" for the ZDF
How can a brand redesign be more credible and convincing than if it comes directly from the brand? Hardly, I would say. For ZDF, it was initially a design idea to make the ZDF brand and programme communication younger, fresher and more modern. In the end, it was a redesign for an entire channel and the entire on- and off-air design of ZDF. The ZDF Circle was born and changed the entire communication of ZDF. It became the carrier of information such as headlines or texts, as well as programme notes. Very fresh, I would say.
SRH University – building a new campus
Introducing SRH University of Applied Sciences future international campus. With over 12.000 students the SRH Group is one of the leading providers of university education in Germany. Very pleased to announce first project together with SRH Group launching communications for the future campus, including concept for film and photo to introduce the future facilities and giving international students a first glimpse of the city of Hamburg.
FINANCIAL TIMES Airports campaign – From A to B
Concept, text and creation for international Financial Times Airport Campaign
Get your Financial Times – The Commercial
Concept and creation for Financial Time commercial highlighting the various types of subscription options. Get your subscription today at
SPD – Die Mitte ist rot.
In my very first year as a trainee in an agency I had the chance to join a team which was working for SPD party. It was the year when there was Bundestagswahl to elect the next Bundeskanzler in Germany. All major parties identified the political centre to be the spot where the decision falls. It happens to be the SPD as the socialist party in the race to claim the red color for themselves and it also happens that the red color is placed right in the middle of the German flag. So to me the idea was too simple to not make it: "The centre in Germany is red." Btw: The SPD won the election back then.
Social Campaign – Everything but Dictator
Concept and creation for Wirtschaftswoche Magazine. A Story about the history of democracy in Europe.
Men‘s Health – It's all about men!
Concept and creation for Men's Health - It's All About Men - International awards campaign Photo: Marcel Urlaub
100 Years of Bauhaus – The Book
Visual concept and layout for the Bauhaus anniversary book 2019 with KNSK and Bissinger+
In the Alps with olympic gold medalist Severin Freund
Commercial for IKK Classic with Ski Jump Olympic Gold Medalist Severin Freund for IKKclassic Director: Tim Löhr
Le Mans – Legendary Racetrack portrait
Portrait of the legendary Le Mans racetrack – home of the "24 Heures du Mans" since 1923. The shooting was during a Porsche GT3 Training Session.
European Election Trailer
Concept and creation for ZDF European Election Trailer Animation: deli pictures Hamburg
Jeep® international image Campaign
Art direction for Jeep® international image campaign. Creative Direction: Tim Krink Agency: KNSK
No Sports! – Winston Churchill
Text and art direction for German Sports Award.
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