Dajana Eitberger in Oberhof

Dajana Eitberger celebrating her world championship

Oberhof 2023 Logo

Oberhof World Cup logo

The event logo Oberhof 23 was invented to promote two World Cups that were held consecutively in Oberhof, Germany in January an February 2023.
It started with the Luge World Championships and right after that the Biathlon World Championships took place.
Only the biathlon world championships were attended by over 152.000 spectators on 8 days of the event where over 275 athletes from 30 nations competed for the medals. 

A brand and event logo becomes part of the event

Max Langenhahn ready for take off

Kids celebrating at the event

Oberhof23 beanies for the kids

Rennsteig-Arena in Oberhof

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