FATUM Surfboards was founded with a very straightforward approach to board design:
“Give every surfer the best possible board.”
Peniche, with its vast array of surf breaks and surfers, was the perfect place to achieve this.
Today, with more than 30 years’ experience and over 14,000 shaped boards, FATUM Surfboards has evolved into one of the most established Surfboard Manufactures in Europe.
Despite his success, Gero insists on keeping the business small and personal. Everything is created in-house, supported by a close team.
Every owner of a Fatum custom Surfboard becomes a part of the Fatum Family. You will understand what we mean when you buy a board!
This job was to retouch the very established and striking Fatum Stencil-Logo and give it a little facelift to get it fresh for the next decade.

Founder and Owner Fatum Surfboards, Gero Tragatschnig

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