Thiago Alcántara for Tommy Hilfigger
Thiago Alcántara for Tommy Hilfigger
Thiago Alcántara for Tommy Hilfigger
Behind the scenes​​​​​​​
Thomas Thiele
Photo – Marco Fischer
DoP & Cut – Christina Kapl
Production – Thomas Thiele

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BLACKROLL® worldwide launch campaign
Very pleased to announce the launch of the new worldwide launch campaign for the all new BLACKROLL® Recovery Blanket Ultralite! Concepting and executing this project for this cool product was a joy. Thank you BLACKROLL®!  Creative Concept / Production: Thomas Thiele Photo: Marco Fischer DoP: Alexander Michel Client: Blackroll
Jan Ullrich – The comeback
Great honor and very pleased to announce new project with one of my personal all time heroes Jan Ullrich. We spent 5 days in row with Jan and his team down in the Provence, France to shoot some remarkable pictures and to produce a new personal film for Jans comeback ambitions and his new upcoming projects. Enjoy! photos: Thomas Thiele creative concept & production: Thomas Thiele DoP: Karl Volkenannt client: Jan Ullrich
SRH University – building a new campus
Introducing SRH University of Applied Sciences future international campus. With over 12.000 students the SRH Group is one of the leading providers of university education in Germany. Very pleased to announce first project together with SRH Group launching communications for the future campus, including concept for film and photo to introduce the future facilities and giving international students a first glimpse of the city of Hamburg. Creative Lead: Thomas Thiele Photo: Thomas Thiele DoP: Alexander Michel Client: SRH
/// NEW /// Stim2Go USA Product Launch Production
Coming soon!
SPD – Image idea "In Deutschland ist die Mitte rot".
In my very first year as a trainee in an agency I had the chance to join a team which was working for SPD party. It was the year when there was Bundestagswahl to elect the next Bundeskanzler in Germany. All major parties identified the political centre to be the spot where the decision falls. It happens to be the SPD as the socialist party in the race to claim the red color for themselves and it also happens that the red color is placed right in the middle of the German flag. So to me the idea was too simple to not make it: "The centre in Germany is red." Btw: The SPD won the election back then. Creative concept / Art direction: Thomas Thiele Client: SPD Lead Agency: KNSK
Glatz Design-Relaunch Campaign
Very pleased to announce the partnership with new client Glatz from Switzerland. We are honored to have been selected to conceive and produce a shooting and two films to communicate the major parasol design relaunch. This first film is about the new design concept that Glatz developed together with Phoenix Design with the principle designer Pablo Bernal from Phoenix Design. Enjoy! Creative Concept / Production: Thomas Thiele Client: Glatz Photo: Marco Fischer DoP: Alexander Michel Cut: Pascal Blaurock Design: Phoenix Design
/// NEW /// CUBE Bikes – Urban Mobility
New ideas, new approach and a new style to reinvent and relaunch the visual content for CUBE Urban Mobility. This is hands down the core of the briefing CUBE had for us. New collaboration project for CUBE Bikes together with gifted DOP Pascal Blaurock. This kick-off-project was about the CUBE Fold Hybrid – an e-powered folding bike for commuting in the city. Enjoy the film concept „Folding Transitions“ that staged the major feature of the bike to change the scenes in the film. Very pleased to be part of this project. Thank you Pascal and CUBE Bikes. DoP and Cut: Pascal Blaurock Creative Concept and Production: Thomas Thiele Photography: Thomas Thiele Client: CUBE Bikes
New visual on- and off-air design for ZDF
Probably a once-in-a-life-time situation! Absolutely thankful for having the chance of concepting and developing an on- and off-air redesign for one of the leading European TV broadcasters. The ZDF from Germany. In a nutshell the design-concept was: How can a brand redesign be more credible and convincing as if it comes directly from the brand? Hardly, I would say. "The ZDF Circle" was born and changed the entire communication of the ZDF on every channel. Simply once-in-a-life-time. Enjoy! Creative concept / Art direction: Thomas Thiele Client: ZDF Agency: KNSK
Leica Camera Millerntor Art Gallery Tour
Very pleased to announce the broadcasting with Leica Cameras on this art project. One day of social media live-documentation with Leica ambassador Marco Fischer visiting the Millerntor Art Gallery including a live-shooting with Viva Con Agua in the gallery. We shared all content with Leica and launched it simultaneously for one day. Enjoy! DoP and Cut: Thomas Thiele Leica Photographer: Marco Fischer Client: Leica Camara
It probably doesn't happen that often that you get the chance to develop an event brand for a World Cup. So I was very pleased being asked to create the brand Oberhof23 winter World Cup of biathlon and luge, held in Oberhof 2023 as employee with KNSK. It's been a pleasure to see the brand come ’alive’ with people enjoying the event and kids wearing beanies and coats showing the brand. Enjoy! Lead-Agency: KNSK Brand Design: Thomas Thiele
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