Do you believe an advertisement?Neither do I.
But I do believe in persuasive messages – emotionally packaged.
That's what I do!
Thomas Thiele, Art Director, Content Creator, Creative Production Manager, Director
Thomas Thiele   
Call it advertising, storytelling, content marketing or branding…
At the end of the day it’s all about communication of messages and emotions.
I will help you to to clarify your message, develop concepts, and even execute emotional and persuasive ads, stories, contents, assets, films or brandings. 
Let's together create persuasive messages and mix it with emotions. It works!
CLIENTS, BRANDS and Projects
Generally Campaign- and Content Concept Designer, Creative Production Manager and Senior Creative /Art Director
Selectively Director, Content Manager, Social Media Manager and Photographer
Depending on what it takes to create an production, new content or an entire 360º campaign.  
I am very pleased to have already won some quite relevant creative awards worldwide for brands I worked for:
Cannes Silver Lion, Cannes Bronze Lion, New York Festivals, ADC New York Gold, ADC Germany, Clio Award, One Show Award, PromaxBDA Europe, Eyes&Ears Europe etc.  

Creation always is teamwork! 
It is my pleasure having the chance to work with remarkable creatives, photographers, DoPs, editors, consultants, artists etc. for exiting individuals, brands and clients. Without all these great people none of these project would have been possible. That's why I always name everybody involved in projects.
The examples in my portfolio are a selection of work either based on concepts and ideas done by myself or at least a significant amount of my creative input. Enjoy!

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